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What is the DME Resources app (for desktop & mobile devices)?

The DME Resources app is a Progressive Web Application (PWA) which integrates securely with the device's OS. 


Why You Should Consider Installing

It is the future of our Professional Community.  Secure.  Cross-platform.  Integrated with your device OS.  Not to mention improved responsiveness, offline caching, and more.  You can learn more about the many advantages of PWA via the Mozilla Developers MDN Web Docs.

"As of 2021, PWA features are supported to varying degrees by Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Firefox for Android, and Microsoft Edge but not Firefox for desktop." - Wikipedia


Chrome settings menu on Android
Chrome settings menu on Android

Installation via Windows or macOS

Installation varies by web browser.  The DME Resources PWA is NOT available via app stores; it is only available via this domain. 

On some platforms you'll be prompted to "Add DME Resources to Home Screen?" automatically, which if clicked will then prompt to confirm you'd like to install the DME Resources app.  On other platforms you'll find the "Install DME Resources app" or "Install app" in your browser's settings.

To install on Microsoft Windows or Apple's macOS, while visiting our site:

Chrome: Click Settings > Install DME Resources

Edge (Chromium): Click Settings > Apps > Install DME Resources


Install on Android

To install the Android mobile app simply visit our site via your browser on your mobile device, then click "Add DME Resources to Home screen?"; a prompt will display confirming you want to install the DME Resources app. 

Alternatively, when visiting the site on Android click the Menu icon (3 dots in upper-right corner) and select "Install App"


Install on iOS (13+)

To install on iOS simply visit our site via your browser on your mobile device, then tap the "Share" button (browser options).  From the options tap the "Add to Home screen"; a prompt will display confirming you want to install the DME Resources app. 

Apple is late to the PWA game, as I'm sure there was apprehension about bypassing their app store, but support continues to improve across macOS & iOS browsers.  For a recent article on the topic, check out "PWA on iOS: What's New?", via Brainhub

Done.  That was easy. cool


Customize Your Start Menu on Windows

Once installed on Windows 10 you can easily customize your start menu, and feature the DME Resources app in your tiles.

DME Resources App installed on Windows 10
DME Resources App installed on Windows 10
DME Resources app on Win10
DME Resources app on Win10

After installing the app you can right-click on it in the Windows Start menu and customize as with any other app; Pin to Start, resize tile, etc.

Cheers Pro Upgrader's!

Special thanks to all of our Pro Upgrade subscribers, for helping me help so many!

Keep being great & doing great things, my friends. 😎

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